Career Corner – Turning a Job Into Your Career – Part 4

Making a Job Your Career

You have aced the interview and secured the job – great work! Now that you have the job, what do you do now? Of course, you can complete your daily expected tasks as needed, but where is the fun in that? We believe that the mindset of turning your job into your career will propel your future with the company, but what does that mean? By networking, company involvement, and embracing a growth mindset, you are more likely to make an impact and enjoy the work that you do.


Networking is an important aspect of almost every career. It allows you to build connections, stay up to date with news in the market, expand your ideas, and challenge your skills. There are various ways you can get started on building your network, but here are some ideas:

    • Ask your teammates out to coffee or lunch
    • Find a mentor in your company or field
    • Join LinkedIn groups for your field
    • Participate in networking events locally (both in person & online!)


A strong company culture is the foundation of an organization. Culture holds the premise of various ideals and what the company believes leads to not only success as a business, but the growth of their employees as well. Involvement can make or break your time at a company, which can determine how well you connect with your team or coworkers. The ways that a company may allow for actively participating in the culture and involvement might include:

    • Participating in companywide event such as volunteering opportunities, happy hours, or team lunches
    • Understanding team aspects and how collaboration works in your specific environment
    • Comprehending company values and applying them in the work you do daily


To see growth in your career, and as a person, you need to challenge yourself and ask, “what else?” “What else can I be doing to better myself? What skills will be helpful for me today and in the future? What else is there that needs to be done?” Here are a few ways you can expand yourself as a stand-out employee and team member:

    • Take online courses on different skills, such as Excel, programming, etc.
    • Take on an extra project or present an idea that may add value to the company
    • Reach out to your teammates and see if they need any assistance with their duties or projects
    • Collaborate with your teammates about best practices and operations
    • Ask your Manager what else you can be doing to prepare for your future with the company

After going through the long process of searching for a role that fits, creating a stellar resume, nailing an interview, and receiving an offer, the last thing you want to do is not take full advantage of the opportunity you worked so hard for. Extra effort is noticed and can go a long way. Showing investment into your network, your company, and your personal career growth will open future doors for you in your career journey.


Michaela Jarvis

Associate Recruiter, Russell Tobin


Keaton Kruger

Associate Recruiter, Russell Tobin