What to Expect When You’re Expecting … To Work With a Recruiter

It is my belief that every successful relationship, professional or personal, is built upon respect. Your relationship with a recruiter should be no different.

What do we know about respect?

It is earned (not easily). It is an Aretha Franklin song (a great one, I might add). It should be mutual. And most importantly, it requires trust and understanding.

It is my goal that after reading this, you will feel as though you understand a recruiter’s perspective, what he or she will expect from you, and what you should expect from a recruiter. This understanding should enable you to more readily develop new recruiter relationships, while keeping a close eye on your own expectations.

What a job seeker should expect from a recruiter …

1. Support

Many say that searching for a job is a full-time job. I agree, but it doesn’t have to be your full-time job. It is already ours. A recruiter is an extension of your efforts and a sounding board, as needed. You do not need to go at it alone. Find the recruiter who will help you learn the ropes, and then trust the process.

2. Market Intelligence

If you’ve been at your most recent job for an extended period of time, you’ve likely lost your frame of reference for what is fair in terms of wage, what job titles actually mean (because we all know that some of these corporations come up with some crazy ones), and what employers look for in resumes these days. A recruiter’s job is to have that information and empower you with it. This will enable you to have confidence in your position, be better prepared for the conversation and have the ability to trust the process.

3. Access

Recruitment agencies, including Russell Tobin, have a direct path to well-known, respected and exciting clients. Clients that have careers pages, are inundated with thousands of applicants each day. Would you rather be one of a 1000+ resumes coming through a website, or one of 4 being seen directly by the hiring manager? We can offer you that access, and that introduction. It is our job to introduce our clients to delightful and talented people like you. You just have to trust the process.

4. Truth 

Ask for, and be willing to hear the truth. A recruiter’s support may not always be seen in the form of ‘Good Luck’ cards and “First Day” donuts. Know that a recruiter may show support by challenging your expectations and questioning your motives. It is all part of the process, and if you trust the recruiter, you will trust the process.

5. R-E-S-P-E-C-T


What a recruiter expects from a job seeker …

1. Market Intelligence

It would be very challenging for one recruiter, Russell Tobin or otherwise, to know and understand every job market in this country. You, as a candidate, are a wonderful and appreciated source for that information. We know our clients, we know the process, but you know your experience, and likely the best restaurant in town (go ahead and make suggestions). Help me, help you, by sharing that information.

2. Truth

Though respect can take time to develop, the fastest road to respect is honesty. Be honest. What is your dream wage? What do you love about your role? What do you dislike? What has your previous experience with recruiters been like? What can I do differently?

3. Excitement

Russell Tobin is excited about its clients, proud of its candidates, and thrilled about all of the potential. We want you to share in that excitement. Attitude, drive, and communication goes a long way.

4. Participation

Be present. Be active. Participate in the search. Though a recruiter can work feverishly to find you your next role, your involvement and responsiveness is necessary. Go the extra mile. Be available, be involved.

5.   R-E-S-P-E-C-T


Notice the overlap in categories, above? What does this illustrate? We both want to be respected and we both really want you to love your next job.

Recruiters are not always the easiest people to love, but at Russell Tobin we make it easier, and when you find the right match you’ll forget what life ‘pre-recruiter’ was even like.

Enjoy the journey. Trust the Process. Respect One Another.

Jenny Davis

Jenny is a Director at Russell Tobin leading growth and development of the Minneapolis/St. Paul office and the overall Midwest region.

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