Help Me, Help You | Disclosing Compensation to Recruiters

I’ve been in the executive search and staffing industry for 12+ years and I still find conversations around a candidate’s compensation to be challenging at times.  Many are reluctant to disclose their current compensation package as they feel it will limit them and their ability to negotiate a stronger offer moving forward.  What some candidates neglect to realize is that most, if not all, of our clients require compensation information on each candidate we represent.  Without fail, any time I submit a resume to a client without compensation info, they immediately ask “What’s their price tag?” or something to that effect.

Recruitment professionals are here to help and negotiate, on behalf of the candidate, for the best possible offer.  While some candidates may not view these conversations as beneficial, it is important to keep in mind that we are both sitting on the same side of the table during the negotiation stage.  In order for us to best represent you to the marketplace it is crucial for us to understand your current compensation and expectations upfront. Help me, help you.

Knowing your current compensation will allow us to effectively manage expectations throughout the entire process and help to avoid any surprises when an offer is presented.  Sometimes candidates feel they are underpaid and shy away from disclosing those details to their recruiter.  We are experts in the marketplace and here to help guide our candidates through this process with market intelligence.  At the same time, we strive to educate our clients on the topic.  Withholding this information can irritate or even create suspicion around your compensation and expectations so again, help me, help you.

Trust that search professionals are here to help and act as an advocate on your behalf.  NEVER lie about your compensation, as many clients complete a compensation verification by requesting W-2’s and/or recent pay stubs.  It is important to disclose the total compensation package (base, bonus, OT, benefits, tock, etc.), as this enables us to leverage a strong offer.  While you may be tempted to exaggerate your salary or total package with the hopes of a higher offer, remember that this will ultimately set you back. Presenting your recruiter with false information, will cause you to loose credibility, which will in turn, leave your recruiter hesitant to represent you in the future.  Be honest and help me, help you.

At the end of the day, the more information we have as recruiters, the better equipped we are to leverage an offer that meets or even exceeds your expectations.  We create a partnership with our candidates, so never be afraid to disclose your compensation as it will most likely be required at some point along the way.  Help me, help you.

Brian Pietraccini

Brian leads the strategic accounts team covering both contract and direct hire roles within Accounting & Finance, Banking Operations, Professional Services, Administrative and R4R. Brian is responsible for managing and building out teams focused on fulfillment while maintaining client relationships and developing new business for the firm.

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