How Taking a Risk Changed My Life

Have you ever felt like you didn’t belong or you outgrew where you worked? Have you ever felt like you needed a change but loved your coworkers so much like they were your family? Well, I did. Before coming to Russell Tobin, I felt those exact same feelings and I ultimately had to make a change. I never considered myself a selfish person, which made it challenging to take a new leap and do something that would better myself. This time around I did what was best for me.

My parents were born and raised on Long Island, so I was born with New York blood. So, at some point in my life, I knew I was going make the move from Fort Lauderdale to the Big Apple. Moving to a new (big) city, getting a new job and meeting new people is not the easiest task. Through the heartache and the heartbreak, I kept telling myself that if I stuck with it I could come out on top.

Before coming to NYC, I once had a love for people and after three years I lost my love, and ultimately, felt that I lost my voice. I so badly wanted a new joy to be brought to my life, so I took the leap and took that one phone call that changed my life…

After one phone call and a happy hour, I knew that Russell Tobin was where I belonged. It takes much bravery to take a risk, but if there’s any advice that I could give to someone stuck in a rut, it would be to not be afraid to take that risk. Have the courage to make your life better. Without taking the risk and uprooting my life, I would not have found myself or my voice. It is OK to be selfish as long as the end result is a positive move for yourself!

I leave you with this quote, “In the end everything is ok, and if it’s not ok then it’s not the end.”

Gabby Fletcher

Gabby Fletcher is a Senior Associate on the Administrative Support Strategic Accounts Team based out of New York City.

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