Meet Some of the Fathers of Russell Tobin and Pride Global

The moment your son or daughter is laid into your hands your whole world changes. You immediately envision the future of your child as a successful doctor, nurse, NFL player, musician or attorney; and while you come back to reality, you realize that you are now responsible for a human being. The happiness, health and safety of your child is in your hands. There is nothing like being a father and there is no other company that allows you to provide the life you want for your children like Russell Tobin and the entire Pride Global family.

Get to know some of the fathers here at Pride Global:

Director at Russell Tobin

Anyone who knows me knows that family is my #1 priority.  Working at Russell Tobin, which I consider my extended family, has afforded me a lot of flexibility when it comes to my beautiful wife and two amazing children: Adriana and Rocco.  The main reason I joined the firm was due to the importance they place on family and work-life balance and it is one of the many reasons I do not see myself ever leaving RTA.

Recruiting Manager at Russell Tobin

Working with Russell Tobin has provided me the flexibility I need to be available and present for my kids. It is an environment that accepts and promotes a work life balance that allows me to coach baseball and be home for dinner nightly to give my boys the attention and time they need. Russell Tobin also provides the ability to develop myself and become an even better example to my children based on my day-to-day mentorship. Some of the senior leadership that have/had young children and had to manage a schedule of being a Dad and a Professional has greatly assisted in my growth and development here at Russell Tobin.

Account Executive at Russell Tobin

The balance between family life and work life is never an easy one, but it makes a world of difference to work for an organization that has never made me feel like I have to sacrifice one for the other.







Director of Creative Services at Russell Tobin

One of the main reasons I came to Pride & Russell Tobin was because I knew it was a place that valued family. It has been one of the best decisions of my life. Being here has given me the opportunity to grow and challenge myself in ways I would not have been able to otherwise. This has carried through to my personal life as it has given me a tremendous opportunity to be the best husband, father, friend, and provider I can be for my family. Knowing that feels really good and something I’ll be forever grateful for.




Joshua Albucker with daughterJOSHUA ALBUCKER
Senior Vice President of Pride Health

I tell everyone that everything I do in my life is for my family. Now I’m not perfect by any means, but my family is the fuel that keeps me moving. Working at PRIDE, while rewarding in itself, allows me to provide for them, but more importantly, it allows me to be the father I would like to be. It allows me the flexibility, if I need it, to be at their milestones, be it Kindergarten graduation or a book publishing party. It allows me to be what I feel every father should be for his children…There for them. There for them when they need me, and there for them when they don’t.