No Matter What Happens, Smile, Life will go on…

Meet Collette Meyers, Staffing Manager based in our San Francisco office. Collette started with Russell Tobin in our New York office after moving to the United States from  New Zealand. She has played an important role in the growth of our San Francisco location and inspires all women and men in the industry by her sheer will to succeed.

In honor of #WomensHistoryMonth Collette shared with us a woman who inspires her the most:

My grandmother Betty inspires me, this women was a pioneer and lived life to the fullest. She took up marathon running in her 50’s, in total, running 21 marathons and 51 half-marathons. Betty ran her last marathon in 2004, in Honolulu. Fighting ankle injuries and making frequent rest stops in the debilitating heat, she was fiercely determined and completed the marathon in 14 hours to finish first in the her age group 75-80, she was the only one who finished. Betty never stopped learning so when she couldn’t run marathons, she took up toastmasters in her 80’s. She was a role model for me, she taught me I could do anything if I’m determined, to be anyone you want even it defied stereotypes, and no matter what happens, smile, life will go on..  Read more about Betty

It is clear that Collette takes after her grandmother, Betty. Collette radiates happiness and truly lives life to the fullest. Thank you, Collette, for inspiring others to take a risk and leaving a legacy that Betty would be so proud of.

International women’s day