Is your ATS slowing you down? We have the solution.

I’ve had this content swirling around in my little brain for a while now, and I finally had an ‘ah-ha’ moment when I found an easy(ish) way to explain it.

Having worked at the smallest recruiting company in the world (4 people when I left), to one of the biggest in the world, and now at more of a ‘in the mid-sized, but rapidly growing’ firm, I have heard it all when it comes to ATS platforms. I’ve lost track of how many systems I’ve used throughout my career, but my guess is, I have probably used six or seven different ATS platforms at this point. Expert? No. Enough to be dangerous? I think so!

Having started my bizarre engineering-related career in CAD Drafting, I believe there is an easy comparison between CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and ATS Software. When you go to school to become a mechanical designer, they teach you a variety of different CAD platforms. But the real learning and education comes from all of the non-CAD essentials: How to research materials, math, geometry, design-for-manufacturing, strengths, etc. The list goes on. All of that knowledge can be applied to ANY and EVERY Computer-Aided Design system out there. CAD is strictly a tool for applying these bits of knowledge, but the real art and engineering happens between your ears (with your brain!!).

The test of a real recruiter follows the exact same principle as my mechanical designer example. Recruiting happens between your ears and is applied via an ATS. Having worked with so many platforms and with literally thousands of recruiters over the past 20 years, people who complain about their systems tend to be lower performers compared to those who understand their ATS. Remember that it’s a vehicle of candidate and note tracking, invoicing, logging placements, start dates, end dates, etc., and real recruiting is understanding people, hiring processes and trends, company requirements, candidate needs, and everything else that is NON-ATS related.

All of that being said, I am happy to have participated in developing Russell Tobin’s new internal Applicant Tracking System called Launch ATS. Operated and managed by Russell Tobin’s parent company, Pride Global, this ‘made by recruiters, for recruiters’ ATS was just launched this year. (See what I did there?!) My goal with this product—along with the team’s goal—was to make it a very clean, fast, and simple to use ‘tool’ which allows recruiters to have more time doing what they do best—recruiting! I compare this software to Yahoo’s search engine versus Google’s. Back in the day when you would go to run an internet search on Yahoo, the home page was filled with everything from the weather, stock tips, the latest about Brittney Spears, your horoscope, and tips on how to save money at the grocery store. You take one look at the home screen and completely forget what you were there to do. Google, on the other hand, is like Launch ATS: It’s clean, smooth, fast, and nothing there to clog up your user experience. Fun Fact: Now through the end of 2020, we are giving our software away for free to qualifying recruiters and organizations.

Interested in finding out more? Fill out our form and we will be in touch. No hard sales pitch, no upgrades to pay for, nothing. Don’t let your ATS weigh you down—join us today!

Dale De Steno

Director, Engineering

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