Survival Tips for First Time Recruiters

Recruiting can be as easy or has hard as you want it to be. There are thousands of resources to help guide you to a successful recruiting career and if you are a first time recruiter, this can be one of them! Here are some survival tips for first time recruiters to get you through the first few months of your recruiting career:

Make Calls!

The quicker you jump in the easier it will be! However, you want to make sure to do your homework before you reach out! It’s important to know the job responsibilities and company before you call a candidate so you are prepared to answer questions about the job. If you question something on the candidates resume, who better to ask then the candidate themselves? So give them a call. Remember you are building a network every call you make, so always ask for referrals! You never know you who will meet.


Find a Mentor

It is important to find a mentor because they often find ways to help you with personal and professional growth. Its O.K. to ask a million questions, remember they were once in your seat! Mentors can help prevent you from making a mistake they may have made as a beginner. This person will help you through the hard times and celebrate with you during the victories!


Follow up is Crucial

Have you ever applied, interviewed and never heard back? It’s the Worst. Whether the news is good or bad, candidates need to know where they stand. Remember you’re building a network! The candidate could be a fit for your next position. Here is an important fact, 57% of candidates in the clerical space turn into hiring managers, so it is important to keep in touch!


Highs & Lows

Celebrate the small successes, this will keep you going! Don’t dwell in the past, but make sure you learn from your mistakes. People are people, they are not widgets – we cannot control their actions all the time, unfortunately. An industry professional once told me, “recruiting is like a roller coaster, you’ll have ups and downs, but enjoy the ride!”


Keep growing and learning

Our industry is constantly changing, so keep updated with current events in the industries and read articles. As you build knowledge, you’ll soon be recognized as an expert by your peers, leading to opportunities for growth. So, always look for new tips and tricks from your mentors. Lastly, Challenge yourself to do something that scares you!

Samantha Lambrechts

Samantha is the Staffing Manager in our Milwaukee, WI office. Are you in Milwaukee and seeking a new career opportunity? Connect with Samantha! 

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