Ideal Candidate Profile (ICP) Worksheet

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In today’s competitive hiring landscape it is essential that you approach your hiring decisions in both a strategic and tactical manner. Finding the right candidate for your company and solution set is not an easy task. Casting a wide net will result in an abundance of unqualified candidates, which in effect will cause hiring delays and frustration for you and your team. A targeted and streamlined approach will help you bridge the gap between your needs and the ideal candidate.

What is an Ideal Candidate Profile (ICP) and why do I need one?

Before you begin the hiring process you need to determine who your ideal candidates are. This will save time and money. Our recruiters at Russell Tobin have helped clients identify their Ideal Candidate Profile by asking the right questions and understanding the current hiring environment. Once a profile is established you can pinpoint your search using both internal and external recruiters. Based on our many years of collective experience, we have created a worksheet that will help you identify your ideal candidate. Fill out the form to receive the worksheet via your email.


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