Leaving a Lasting Impression with a Candidate

When talking with candidates about negative experiences that they have had with recruiters, the most frequently expressed frustration is communication. They never receive feedback or they feel like they are just a number in the pool of candidates. There tends to be a feeling with recruiters that while they will initially call a candidate back and provide them with feedback, they are neglected as time goes on. I can admit that early in my career I was one of those recruiters. I now take my candidate relationships seriously and view them as partnerships. We, as recruiters are not here to simply ‘provide a service’ to the candidates, but to act as coaches, motivators and market experts. It is important for recruiters to focus on getting a core understanding of their candidate’s interests, expectations and goals. When recruiters fail to ask these key questions, the candidate experience is negatively impacted and can lead to a decrease in the candidate pool.

Most recruiters I speak with have the mindset of only focusing on the job they are calling the candidate for, but within the staffing space I am sure if a candidate is good they are getting calls from 10 other recruiters just like myself. In this case, I like to focus on what sets not only myself but Russell Tobin apart from the other 10 recruiters – focusing on the partnership that we want to build. I may call a candidate regarding a role with one specific client, but my focus is on the overall value that I can add to the candidate. ‘What are you experiencing in the market? What difficulties are you experiencing in your current search? How can I utilize my industry knowledge to help you find your perfect position?’

My goal is to not make you feel like a number, it is to give you the knowledge to find success in your search, whether it is through Russell Tobin or elsewhere. Even if our clients have lengthy delays for feedback, it is my job to continue my search and keep you in the loop (if not via phone at least via email). My goal is to position you for success and to leave a lasting impression that creates a partnership that extends past your search.

Joe Griffin

Joe is a Senior Associate with Russell Tobin focusing on senior level project management and operations consulting hires within finance and banking.

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