Time Is the Essence of What We Do

Time … it’s often underappreciated, overlooked and undervalued. However, time is the essence of why staffing agencies exist. The core purpose of a staffing firm is to help organizations find and hire qualified employees. Theoretically, the aforementioned organization can conduct the search and fulfillment of new employees, but at what cost? You guessed it … Time.

If you are a senior member of an organization, such as a creative director at an advertising agency, your time is worth hundreds of dollars per hour. On a typical day, your time is spent reviewing your team’s deliverables, strategizing, developing business, managing existing resources, implementing best practices, marketing the firm, creating partnerships and also, of course, recruiting. Depending on the niche and specialization of a certain role, the search process can take weeks if not months, thus diverting your attention away from billable work.

A specialized staffing firm helps you get your time back. Leveraging a robust network of talent, experienced recruiters are able to rapidly identify qualified candidates within a given industry. Subject matter expertise is also critical when working with a specialized staffing agency partner. A staffing solutions partner should be able to communicate industry expertise during the entire recruitment process. Solving unique staffing challenges, such as identifying adequate skillsets and negotiating market rates, is only possible with years of specialized experience.

At Russell Tobin, our collection of specialized practices sets us apart from other staffing agencies in a variety of ways.


Russell Tobin is owned by Pride Global – a minority owned, global suite of solutions. As a diverse supplier, we are able to satisfy Tier 1 diversity spending requirements.


Russell Tobin and Pride Global are doing things in the recruiting space that no other company is currently doing. We operate a 200 person event space (full bar, surround sound with A/V system, lighting system, 7 flat screens, 3 roof decks – it’s no joke) at our Midtown Manhattan office location that is used for networking and thought leadership discussions.  Additionally, Pride Global also offers MSP, Payrolling and BPO solutions, has built a proprietary vendor management system, and has a healthcare recruiting arm.


Russell Tobin is the only place I have ever seen that has a systematic and structured way to recognize, reward and enforce a culture that places its people above all by focusing on principles like adaptability, integrity, knowledge, investment in others, drive and outlook. It’s a truly unique place where people, family, and work/life balance comes first.

Dan Ecker

Dan is a Director with Russell Tobin leading the Creative Services and Marketing Practice. His specialties include Art Direction & Design, Copy & Editorial, Studio & Production, Video & Motion, Project Management, Account Services, User Experience, Front-End Web Dev, Traditional & Digital Marketing.

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