What the Marines Taught Me About Leadership

To most of us, Memorial Day Weekend is the start of summer and is celebrated with barbecues and beaches. However, Memorial Day is one of the most serious days of the year in America, remembering all of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for this nation. As a Marine Veteran, I find myself trying to relate my Military experience to my civilian career and making sure I honor all of those that gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

Leadership is the key principal that every Marine is taught from the beginning in order to earn the title, Marine. There are 14 leadership traits that every Marine learns and as with most things we learn, concepts are easily remembered with acronyms. ‘JJDIDTIEBUCKLE,’ (pronounced “JJ did tie buckle”) represents the following: Justice, Judgment, Dependability, Integrity, Decisiveness, Tact, Initiative, Endurance, Bearing, Unselfishness, Courage, Knowledge, Loyalty, and Enthusiasm.

These 14 leadership traits can also be applied to the business world. These concepts are more than just words, they are meant to have a deeper meaning to every leader in order to be truly understood and carried in one’s heart and mind throughout life. Marine Corps leadership principles are relevant both in the Marine Corps and in the corporate world. The terms ‘troops’ and ’employees’ can be used interchangeably. After all, an organization is only as good as its people. Leadership is about people and I carry ‘JJDIDTIEBUCKLE’ everywhere I go.

Murphy Bright

Murphy is a Senior Account Executive with PrideBPO, Russell Tobin’s sister organization that focuses on business process optimization solutions.

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