Why the Recruiter Onsite Model is Here to Stay

As organizations experience rapid growth, there is often an urgent need to expand headcount responsibly and quickly. In order for a business to achieve this dynamic growth without distraction or interruption, a flexible and specialized solution is necessary. In response to this demand, Russell Tobin has crafted and successfully implemented a proprietary “Recruiter Onsite Model” for several of our flourishing clients.

The foundation of this model revolves around a customized approach where we deploy internal Russell Tobin employees to sit onsite at an organization. As a complement to the existing recruiting team, we provide a fresh perspective on the hiring process and impart market data and trends to educate the current recruitment team.

Before implementing this model, we sit down with our clients to understand how we can tailor the solution to their needs and ensure the most beneficial service.  We discuss the duration of the onsite model, the number and type of open positions, and the current interview process. Once these are defined, we set goals and put a service level agreement (SLA’s) in place.

Over the past year, Russell Tobin has successfully implemented the Recruiter Onsite Model at a global travel media company, two global technology companies, an education technology company, and a national real estate firm.  Each partnership varied based on the needs of the client, but all ultimately had the same goal – to scale quickly.

When tailoring each engagement, we are able to adapt to the client’s needs accordingly.

  • Number of onsite resources vs. research and sourcing engines at Russell Tobin
  • Engagement type: Part Time vs. Full Time
  • Practice Area: one focus area vs. general

This model is different from traditional staffing, as it allows the onsite recruiter to focus solely on one client.  The recruiter immerses him or herself within the team and culture, becoming an expert on the client brand and mission. From day one, we start building relationships with multiple individuals within the firm including Leadership, HR/Recruitment, and the Hiring Managers. With all teams working together, we are able to determine both short and long-term goals, the true mission of the company, and how we can best provide our expertise. Once a plan and goals are set, we measure our SLA’s and review them during weekly meetings, with both the recruitment team and the hiring managers.


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A key factor we focus on throughout the relationship is optimizing the interview process. When an interview process is not defined, and internal mangers are not held to a process,  it is extremely difficult to not only hire, but to hire quality talent. We  analyze the current process the company is utilizing and  focus on simplifying and structuring it, by using better screening tools, a defined onsite interview model, and proper feedback documents.

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Onsite Engagement Facts

Onsite Engagement 1:

Duration: 4 months

Results: 50 Full Time hires

Structure: Three Onsite Consultants + Russell Tobin sourcing team

Onsite Engagement #2:

Duration: 6 weeks

Results: 12 Full Time hires

Structure: One Onsite Consultant + Russell Tobin sourcing team

Onsite Engagement #3:

Duration: 3 months

Results: 2 Full Time Hires, 1 Contract Hire, and a complete restructuring of their interview process

Structure: One Onsite Consultant

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If you find yourself in search of a partner who can tailor a solution to the nuances of your business, we should chat. We look forward to helping you grow your business!

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