Recruiting Coordinator Employee Spotlight: Erin Witman

Today we’re spotlighting our Recruiting Coordinator, Erin Whitman. Find out what she does here at Russell Tobin, how she helps our clients, and hear the advice she has for candidates who are in the job market.


Tell us about yourself:


I’m a mother to three very busy teenagers and a former elementary and middle school teacher—I taught for 20 years! We also have two dogs named Simba and Nala. In my free time, I enjoy watching, playing, and coaching sports, spending time with friends, and visiting local wineries and breweries.


What is your favorite part about being an Recruiting Coordinator (RC)?


I enjoy the synergetic nature of the role, particularly working with so many different stakeholders, candidates, and of course, colleagues.


What makes you feel accomplished as an RC?


Even though I do not have a “personal” connection with many of the candidates, I am always excited to see candidates go through the interview and hiring process, especially when they end up receiving and accepting an offer.


What is one tip you would give to a potential candidate?


Your first weeks when so much learning is happening are important. Always stay organized, take notes, and have them ready to refer to in the future.


What drew you to work at Russell Tobin?


The company culture that encourages and supports employees to succeed not only in their roles, but also in the larger company.


Where do you see yourself in 2 years?


I would love to be a Lead, moving towards a manager role within Russell Tobin.


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