A Q&A With Tim Tobin

qa-tim-tobinTim Tobin joined forces with Leo Russell in 2010 with a vision to create a staffing organization that would always put client and candidate relationships first. As Russell Tobin continues to evolve in order to meet the needs of our stakeholders, Tim pledges to stay ahead of the curve with a focus on investing in technology and elevating the candidate experience. A few members of the marketing team spent a Thursday afternoon on our Flight Deck networking space getting to know Tim and his journey from Binghamton University to co-founder of one of the nation’s preeminent recruitment firms.


How did you get into staffing?

Fortunately for me at the time, there was no barrier to entry and there was for the FDNY and becoming a Guidance Counselor, so I took the chance I was given through my cousin’s friend.


What recent trends have you observed in the hiring landscape?

There’s been a tremendous marketing and recruiting shift towards #CX (Candidate Experience) and how firms are vying for the same talent on the market while creating awareness for those who are in the market.  Simply put, organizations are putting an emphasis on the human piece of Human Capital Management.  It’s been interesting to see how social media plays a role in hiring as firms are evaluating qualitative skills, in addition to quantitative skill sets.  How someone presents themselves, in addition to how they appear on paper.


How does technology change the candidate experience?

It simplifies the access to information. Candidates now have a greater ability to consider an employer’s opportunity through their website experience. Candidates are now able to apply via the web, while researching jobs through third party sites, such as Glassdoor, on any device.  This allows people the ability to see if they are a good fit for a job and to see what others say about a potential employer.  Candidates can easily access insights into a firm’s culture and reviews about how other employees felt about their experience


How does Russell Tobin stand out from the competition?

Russell Tobin will continue to evolve as quickly as possible to keep up with innovative technology, while maintaining a commitment to the relationship between our firm and any stakeholder.  I learned early on in my career that candidates become clients and clients become candidates so it’s paramount to treat them as equals.  LinkedIn performed a case study on our bespoke approach to the market and being a disruptor based on treating others on how they want to be treated, the platinum rule.


When you were a kid, what job did you want to have as an adult?

Great question … I didn’t give it much thought until I actually needed a job, but I’ve always found enjoyment in helping others, so I thought about being in the FDNY since it’s in my lineage.


Name 3 people who you currently look up to.

Juliet Tobin – My wife juggles so much with myself and our 3 children- five and under.

Terry Tobin – My dad has taught and teaches me what’s truly important in life.

Greg Blenk – Not just because he is my cousin and helped me get into this industry, but because he truly puts others before himself and showed me first hand that to serve is to lead.


What motivates you every day?

The knowledge of being a hard-working, good person enables me to provide for my family and enables others to provide for theirs.  This touches upon some of our campaigns centered around #WhyIRecruit … I often say I’m not a doctor so I’m not saving lives, but I do have a chance to enhance peoples’ lives and it’s difficult to find a more rewarding role than that, IMO.   On top of that, the fact that I get to do it in an environment supporting best-in-class firms and working with best-in-class people is simply #WhyIRTA.


What will we find in your briefcase?

My iPad, cards, pens, headphones, a calculator, mints, a charger and a bottle opener…ya never know.


What is the last book you read?

Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters.  With two daughters, I think I need to read it twice but I plan on raising #Pioneers


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Another great question and one I don’t really think about too often, as I’m enjoying the ride and the people pedaling alongside me. But since you mention it, I’d like to be on a bicycle built for 100 versus 10 with another little boy to round out the family pyramid.


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