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6 Ways to Elevate Your Company Brand

Sep 06, 2023

With technology rapidly evolving, it is changing the ways that organizations market their businesses. However, there are a few techniques that remain constant when trying to connect with your audience in order to elevate your company brand.

1. Your Company Brand Starts With Your Internal Team

The very first place you need to start to build your organization’s brand is with your internal team. Your employees have direct access to the ins and outs of your entire business and they are going to be the biggest advocate for selling your organization. If your employees feel respected, appreciated and involved in the culture that you have created, they will be able to authentically speak on behalf of your company in a way that attracts rock star professionals like themselves.

2. Put a Face Behind the Name

People like to communicate with people. As human beings, we constantly find ourselves on a quest to find a connection, a friendship or a love to share with another person. It is important to show the world that you have real people in your organization. Vulnerability and authenticity are the quickest way to build a rapport with a human being. Showcase your culture with honest content from employees in your organization. Content ideas could be articles written from employees within your organization or a photo (that isn’t a head-shot) showcasing your employee doing what makes them happy – share these stories on your social media accounts.

3. You Can’t Hide from Negative Press

The digital age has made it impossible to hide from negative press. Glassdoor is a genius platform that has made it possible for people to leave their anonymous reviews about an organization. Negative reviews, though a hard pill to swallow initially, are not necessarily a bad thing. Negative reviews help make your organization better, whether it be operationally or culturally. Never let a negative review linger, respectfully respond and take negative reviews seriously in order to better your organization as a whole.

4. What is everyone’s Favorite Topic of Conversation? THEMSELVES!

When it comes to marketing, organizations have one goal and one goal only: promote their business. While your business may be incredibly fascinating, people usually aren’t interested in what you are promoting unless it connects to them somehow. A way to connect with your social audience is to stay up to date with what is trending; What are people talking about? What interests them? What is going on in the news? Searching for top trending hashtags is a good way to stay on top of what people are talking about.

5. Stay Away From Politics

Just don’t even open up that bag of worms. Your business is not a place to discuss a topic that hits so close to home for so many people. The goal is to sell happiness, not controversy. Remember, anything that is posted on the internet is permanent.

6. Share your Knowledge with Others

What is the point of learning if you aren’t going to share what you’ve learned? Sharing knowledge increases credibility and growth within your audience.

These tips are just hitting the surface of how to elevate your organizations brand, but hopefully this can get those creative juices flowing that can make you stand out from the rest!

Elizabeth is the Community Engagement Manager for Russell Tobin. Her main focus is to create and maintain an excellent experience for all internal and external stakeholders.