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Our specialised recruiting divisions are skilled at filling technology, project management, human resources, finance and accounting, legal, recruiting-for-recruiters (R4R), marketing, and sales roles with world-class talent.

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Russell Tobin in the United Kingdom

Pride established its UK footprint in 2017 helping businesses worldwide tackle the challenges of the modern work landscape, we’ve been there every step of the way, providing the right people, technology, and solutions to shape a brighter future of work together.

Our Workforce Solutions in the United Kingdom

Need talent? Let's get started with a tailored solution for your business.

Each candidate and client we work with has a unique set of values that our consultants strive to understand in detail. We have a track record of subsequently matching companies with individuals who can “do the job”, but more importantly, embrace the same values and thrive in the culture.

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Together with our international allies, we’re shaping your industry’s future

United Kingdom Leadership

  • Matt Stanford
    Matt Stanford


  • Lucy Crew
    Lucy Crew

    Lead Recruiter

  • Tim Tobin
    Tim Tobin

    Managing Director

  • Leo Russell
    Leo Russell

    Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Office in United Kingdom

United Kingdom

We Build Inclusive Workplaces

We believe that diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives foster creativity and innovation, making our communities stronger and more adaptable.

Our Commitment to diversity & inclusion

Your toughest professional development and employment questions are answered. 

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Join the Pride Global Family in England

Bring your whole self to work. We believe success comes not just from on-paper results, but from cultural and personal growth, too. This emphasis on well-rounded growth helps create the unique and inclusive culture that makes Pride Global a great place to work!


Same values, Different niches the Russell Tobin Network

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Phone: +44 (0) 203 950 7256

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