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Russell Tobin
and Silicon Valley

A Closer Look at Our Clients’ Successful Outcome


Our client—a technology giant headquartered in Silicon Valley—set out to increase diversity within their contingent workforce. In partnership with their Managed Service Provider, we focused on the part of the process that we control: the sourcing and submission of diverse candidates.

Through our Contractor Care program, we aimed to improve retention and feelings of inclusivity for all hires. We looked at our existing population in Q4 2019 to learn where we were and set goals to increase diversity across various underrepresented groups.

Approach: Sourcing Strategies

  • Second Languages

    We found our diverse hires were often fluent in a second language. Our team utilized social media to join international groups online and were able to embed ourselves and our network to source diverse candidates who were bilingual.

  • Community

    We partnered with community organizations that allowed us to tap into new talent pools. Some examples of our partnerships include Hult international Business School, SheSays, Expat Women, Women Who Code, Grace Hooper, Black Marketers, Latinas in Tech, and many more.

  • Remove Bias

    The job postings we received from our client were at times unconsciously biased. We provided guidance and training to our teams on updating job descriptions to use more inclusive language and pare down requirements.

Approach: Submission Strategies

We found that underrepresented groups tended to have more gaps on their resume. Our recruiters are trained to work with candidates to help show resume gaps and tell their stories in a way that will help overcome potential unconscious biases.

Approach: Contractor Care

From internal survey data, we found that having regular check-ins with workers leads to feelings of inclusivity. We used this information to influence our Contractor Care check-in cadence and initiatives.


More woman since 2019 Q4

new workers were onboarded
from Q4 2019 to Q3 2020

of our workforce were
people of color in Q1 2020
of our diverse population
is bilingual
Voluntary resignations from
diverse hires annually


  • “Every time I reach out [to the account management team], I receive timely and straight-to-the-point responses. She is attentive and doesn’t over-communicate, has a focus on what’s important and I believe has a good understanding of our program and VMS tool.”

    —Msp Program Specialist

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